Unoccupied & Second Home Insurance

Safeguard your unoccupied or second home with specialist insurance sourced by the experienced team at Lansdowne Woodward, the South’s leading insurance brokers.

A second home is a property that you own but don’t consider to be your main residence. As they are often left empty for extended periods of time or rented out, they face unique threats and challenges that your primary dwelling won't always have. For example, if a property is vacant, the risk of theft, vandalism and plumbing issues increase - and these dangers could go on for weeks before being noticed. As such, you need an insurance policy that is specifically created for your second property to protect your assets, as you won’t always be there to ensure everything is ok.
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Second home insurance built around you

The insurance brokers at Lansdowne Woodward understand that second home insurance needs to be different. We combine our years of experience, insider contacts, and knowledge of the industry to scour the market for the very best deals for your specific situation and requirements.

By using our service, you can be sure that everything you need to be covered is protected, giving you complete peace of mind that your second home is secure, and for the very best price. Our service includes sourcing both buildings and contents insurance, as well as protecting any specific items that need speciality cover, such as pieces of art, jewellery and other valuables. 

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unoccupied property insurance

Specialist unoccupied home insurance 

When thinking about unoccupied home insurance, you’ll need to think about how long your property will be unoccupied, if you need buildings and/or contents insurance and whether you need extra protection. If you rent out your second home, you may need additional cover such as public liability insurance, loss of rent or income cover and employer’s liability if you hire people, such as cleaners or gardeners. Our team are experts in property insurance so will make sure you have all the appropriate cover in place. 

The insurance brokers at Lansdowne Woodward have excellent relationships with a number of the UK’s leading lenders which means we can source the very best deal, built around your unique needs, and for very competitive prices. To learn more or to arrange a quotation, contact the team today on 01202 874 989