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Driving in the EU, EEA from the 1st January 2021

In the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, you will be required to carry a Green Card while driving your vehicle in the EU and EEA. Here’s what this means.

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Business Support – COVID-19 Financial Aid Pack

Download our free Coronavirus financial aid pack to learn more about all the financial support the government is offering businesses during this challenging time. 

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A Closer Look at High Net Worth Insurance

As Dorset’s leading insurance brokers, we can source bespoke high net worth insurance for exceptional homes, including contents, travel, motor and cyber cover. But why do you need high net worth insurance? We take a closer look at these specialist policies to find out. 

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Why Use an Insurance Broker for Your Business Insurance?

Did you know price comparison websites won’t always find you the best deal on your business insurance? Insurance brokers are the best way to find the right policy for your needs and at a great price. Read on to discover why you should choose insurance brokers to source your business insurance. 

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Summer 2020 Newsletter – Coronavirus to Cyber Security to Insurance

Our summer newsletter covers everything from the good things to come out of the coronavirus crisis to how you need to adapt your business insurance to IT security best practices. Below are just some of the highlights so if you'd like to read the newsletter in full, please click here

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Starting Equipment After An Extended Shut Down

Following an extended period of shut down, the parts and components of machinery can become corroded, seized or strained, potentially leading to breakdowns or catastrophic failures if not given the proper care before switching on again.