Why you should work with your Local Insurance Broker

At Lansdowne Woodward, we are vastly experienced in the brokerage of insurance of all types – with our team of experts having worked with small and large corporations alike in protecting their business’s assets against a whole raft of risks and liability.

We firmly believe that working with a local, independent insurance broker is beneficial to any business, allowing it to access an insurance plan curated by people who know the business landscape in your area.

Below, we have used a company looking for manufacturing insurance cover to demonstrate why you should work with an independent, local brokerage such as Lansdowne Woodward.

Risk Exposure

As most would expect, within the manufacturing industry there are inherently more risks involved within day-to-day operations than in most, for example, retail or office block settings.

Local Benefits

  • Using a local insurance brokerage means that the people curating your insurance plan have a more intimate understanding of the area in which you operate, and the niches involved with your manufacturing process.
  • This means the cover can be specifically tailored to manage the risk at your site, rather than a generic plan from a large insurance provider.

Reliance on Supply Chain

In the manufacturing sector, profitability relies on the cooperation of many moving parts - from the literal moving parts in the machinery, to the performance of the floor workers themselves.

Any break in this chain can lead to a complete halt to production, and in turn profitability.

Here, being without a particular machine or encountering a shortage of a part can cause huge potential damage business-wide.

Local Benefits

  • At Lansdowne Woodward, our experts can sit down with you to consider every small or large implication that might lead to an involuntary break in manufacturing operations, and take into consideration how your business may be affected by these issues in your area specifically.

Many Assets

In addition, many manufacturing companies hold a large number of assets, including business infrastructure such as factories, warehouses, stock, machines and more.

Large amounts of stock and other assets make these businesses more vulnerable to external threats, such as theft and fire damage. Just like having on-site security, having manufacturing insurance will protect your assets against nefarious activities.

Local Benefits

  • With our intimate knowledge of the local trading area, and all the hazards that come with it, we can provide advice to ensure that your assets are as safe as possible, helping you to secure better premium rates from insurers.

Choose Lansdowne Woodward for local, bespoke Insurance Brokerage

At Lansdowne Woodward we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all insurance – our dedicated team have worked with clients of all sizes and found the perfect insurance plan for their unique requirements.

If you would like to find out more, or discuss your insurance brokerage needs with a member of our friendly team, please don’t hesitate to call today – on 01202 874989.