The Importance of Updating your Health and Safety Policies

It’s important to review your health and safety policies regularly, in order to ensure they remain relevant and in line with current regulations.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that health and safety performance should be reviewed at least once a year. If your business is changing rapidly, you may wish to do this even more frequently. 

Key times to review your health and safety policies

There are several factors that could cause your health and safety policies to become out of date. If your business experiences any of the following changes, it’s advised that you update your policies. 

Changing location

Expanding your business or moving to a new site both carry potential hazards and risks that need to be considered.

Adopting new equipment or processes

Whenever your business acquires new equipment, you should ensure your policies are updated and employees know how to safely operate anything that’s required for them to carry out their role.

Similarly, if any new processes or activities are introduced, it's important to add them to your health and safety policies. 

Hiring more staff

Higher volumes of people on-site can create different potential health and safety hazards.

As well as being mindful of the potential challenges of having a bigger workforce, it’s also important to communicate your health and safety policies and procedures to your new starters. 

An accident or injury in the workplace

Workplace accidents and injuries, or claims of work-related ill health, need to be investigated properly. They may all be indicators that your health and safety policies need reviewing and updating.

Similarly, if employees raise any concerns about health and safety, this is a sign you’re your policies should be updated to reflect this feedback. 

Changes to health and safety legislation

It’s important to ensure your health and safety policies comply with the latest health and safety legislation.

This means that if there are ever any changes, it’s important to revisit your policies and make amendments if necessary. 

Risk assessments explained

Risk assessments are a big part of creating a safe work environment. Employers are legally required to carry out risk assessments before undertaking work that presents a potential health or safety risk.

The idea of a risk assessment is to protect employees, contractors, and the general public from harm, by identifying potential hazards and putting the necessary precautions in place. 

Why is this important to my business

To keep your employees safe while ensuring your business complies with all relevant regulations and legislation, it’s crucial to have adequate risk assessments and updated health and safety policies in place.

This is important, not just for the wellbeing of your staff but to keep your business protected against legal action as well.

How Lansdowne Woodward can help

At Lansdowne Woodward, we are partnered with a health and safety company who can help you write your policies. If you need help ensuring your business is meeting HSE requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Lansdowne Woodward team today on 01202 874 989