Summer 2020 Newsletter – Coronavirus to Cyber Security to Insurance

Our summer newsletter covers everything from the good things to come out of the coronavirus crisis. Below are just some of the highlights so if you'd like to read the newsletter in full, please click here

Positives from COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time for the majority of us, and there has been a lot of negative press surrounding the crisis. However, there have been positives that have come about during the pandemic, including good outcomes for businesses, such as: 

Driving change

According to global supplier for car manufacturers Jato Dynamics, in April, electric and hybrid cars accounted for 17% of sales across all European markets, including the UK. This is an increase of 10% on the 7% of all European car sales in April 2019. 

If you’re thinking about switching your business’ cars to electric vehicles, now is the time. As of April, there is a zero percent tax on Benefit in Kind (BIK) payments for company car drivers with electric vehicles. This will then increase to only 1% from April 2021 and 2% in 2022. 

Pounds for pedal power

The Government has announced that up to half a million £50 vouchers will be provided to the public to go towards the cost of bike repairs. If your people are able to, or have been thinking about, cycling to work the scheme could help them get their bike in good working order. 

Leaders seen in a good light

One of the main things that has been highlighted during the COVID-19 outbreak has been the importance of staying connected. A survey conducted by the Institute of Internal Communication found that 76% of respondents feel the crisis has positively impacted trust in business leaders. The study also found that 92% of respondents found videos and video conference calls an effective way of communicating. 

Now’s the time to review your Business Insurance  

Despite many businesses across the nation having been given the green light to reopen their doors, many aspects we once considered ‘normal’ will remain different for some time to come and perhaps, irreversibly. 

With this in mind, it’s important that as a business owner, you take the time to speak to your insurer or broker to ensure that your current business insurance policy is still relevant. 

If you’ve reduced your cover in reaction to a temporary period of closure, it’s essential that you reinstate this back to a suitable level prior to opening up for business. You will also need to consider the changes that you’ve made to your current operation in order to adjust your cover to match your current requirements. 

To find out more about what measures you can take to safeguard your business, get in touch with the experienced brokers at Lansdowne Woodward on 01202 874989

The importance of cyber security 

According to a study by the University of Maryland, a hacker attack takes place every 39 seconds on average. And it’s not just the big companies that the cyber criminals target. With many employees working from home due to coronavirus, the threat of attack has never been so real. 

There are hundreds of different ways that criminals can try to hack your business. Here are some top tips for how keep cyber safe: 

  • Avoid clicking webpage links in any emails that relate to the coronavirus. Report these to your IT team and go to the relevant website independently.
  • Make sure your password hasn’t already been breached and encourage your staff to do the same.
  • Only visit trusted websites, don’t visit sites from businesses you’ve never heard of. Check the spelling of website names or, better still, access them via your ‘favourites’.
  • Be very careful where payments and donations are concerned – if you’re unsure then visit the website directly and only donate to reputable sources.
  • Accessing organisational data or your work email from a personal device comes with a high risk. With this in mind, reiterate to your people that using personal devices should be avoided.

How to keep your workplace healthy and hygienic

We’ve put together our top tips for how you can keep your staff happy and healthy and protect them from the Coronavirus. 

Assess the risks

As an employer, it is your duty to protect your people. Prior to reopening, the HSE advises carrying out a risk assessment to identify where any hot spots that the virus could be transmitted are. 

Do a deep clean 

Once you’ve carried out your risk assessment, before you welcome your staff back, it’s time to do a deep clean of all the areas and facilities in your office or factory, including any heating and air conditioning units. 

Get a routine in place

Don’t forget that COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for up to 72 hours. The HSE states that you need to make sure surfaces are kept clean, so now you’ve done a deep disinfect, it’s important to implement a regular cleaning routine based on good practice, which is at least once a day. 

Establish a social distance friendly environment 

Remember, don’t just think about spaces where COVID-19 could be spread, such as communal areas, as work situations also need to be considered. The HSE suggests using screens to create a physical barrier between your employees, as well as having them work side-by-side rather than face-to-face.

All hands on deck

It’s likely that your staff are used to washing their hands for 20 seconds (or to the tune of Happy Birthday in their head) by now. However, there are things that the HSE advises you can do to create a good hygiene practice in your workplace such as posters reminding staff to wash their hands, placing hand sanitiser around the office, and cleaning shared equipment after each use. 

Create a talking culture 

As well as ensuring your people are following your hygiene protocols, it’s just as important to make sure you’re looking after their mental health. Create a culture where your staff feel they can talk to their managers or colleagues if they’re struggling. You could look at carrying out one-to-ones with members of staff as they return, so they know they can express their concerns. 

Read our full newsletter by clicking here and learn more about each topic covered here, including more tips about keeping your business safe and more information about what the insurance industry is doing to help protect you against any future pandemics. 

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DISCLAIMER: Please note, this article is not a comprehensive list of all the practices and processes you need to implement. It is for guidance only.