Lansdowne Woodward Drives Black Cab to Support Local Charities


Lansdowne Woodward is a proud member of the BC Club, a group of local businessmen who regularly get together for a boy’s lunch while raising money for charity. The club now has 39 members and has donated over £352,000 to worthy causes and individuals across Dorset and Hampshire.

The fundraising club, which started in 2011, recently launched its new challenge. Members pay £250 to drive an eye-catching London black cab that’s been adorned with the logos of member businesses. Dubbed the BC Club taxi, this fun vehicle is a great way to get the word out about member businesses while continuing to raise money for great causes. 

The rules of the challenge are that the cab must be driven for one week and should cover a minimum of 150 miles. During that time, members must pay a “fine” if caught driving another vehicle – this money will also go to charity.

BC Club chairman, Shan Seewooruthun, came up with the idea after selling his last car. His fellow members thought it would be a great idea for him to drive something a little bit different, which is how the black cab came about! Shan says that while there is no set fundraising target, he hopes the BC Club taxi will raise in excess of £15,000.

As members of the BC Club, the team at Lansdowne Woodward recently paid to take part in the challenge and had a great time driving around Bournemouth in the distinctive black cab. 

Liam Wyatt, one of the firm’s directors, says: “We are always proud to support local charities and I have been a member of the BC Club since 2018. Our latest challenge is a fun way to get people involved and keep raising money for some local, very worthy causes. Be sure to give us a wave and donation when you next see the BC taxi.”

To support local charities by making a donation to the BC Club, please visit their fundraising page.