Public Liability Insurance

Our team of insurance brokers can source Public Liability Insurance that is specifically tailored to your business and needs. Every company is unique; you can rely on our team of experts to match you with an affordable PL policy that effectively covers you for all eventualities.

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability (PL) Insurance provides financial cover in the case that a third party makes a claim against your company. This could be for property damage or injury to a person caused by one of your services or products. A typical PL insurance policy will cover you for compensation to be paid to the claimant, as well as any legal expenses incurred.

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Do I need to have Public Liability Insurance?

Unlike Employers’ Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance is not required by law. However, if you have members of the public that regularly visit your premises, or you carry out maintenance or building work, then it is highly recommended you have some form of PL cover.

In fact, you may find that undertaking certain contracts will rely on you having Public Liability Insurance in place. This is common if you carry out work on the behalf of local authorities, for example. Without PL cover, you could be missing out on a large number of business opportunities.

Having a comprehensive Public Liability Insurance policy is essential for businesses in a wide range of industries. Need help finding the right cover for your level of risk? Our team are highly experienced in sourcing the best possible insurance policies to suit our clients' needs. Call us today for a quote on 01202 874989.